I love the fact that they communicate with me and keep me on track. In this busy world today it is good to know that a real person is looking after you. We need that.

Tigard CleanersDarbie Mayberry <br/> Tigard, OR

Chuck Simpson is very knowledgeable, easily accessible and personable with his clients. We are very satisfied!

York C. Franke Co.York C. Franke <br/> Madison, NJ

Doing a good job! Always trying to keep the cost of insurance down

Larry’s Dry Cleaning by LouisLarry Barrios CED, CPD <br/> Slidell, LA

Easy to reach by phone and answer questions.

Pine Trail CleanersJim Gloser <br/> West Palm Beach, FL

Myong Kang is always so helpful and answers any questions or problems we may have.

Venable’s CleanersJong Jin <br/> Berlin, MD

Immediate and satisfying response to my inquiries and claim related matters.

Daisy Fresh CleanersMark Rhee <br/> Laurelton, NY

They are so easy to communicate with… I appreciate the promptness of the service. What does NIE need to improve? Not a thing!

Plain & Fancy CleanersNancy Brown<br/> Alexander City, AL

I like the ability to share in the profits, dedication to fabricare industry-focus, expertise concentrated, and premium basis.

Living Water LaundryJo Anne Balding
<br/> Lynchburg, VA

I like NIE’s knowledge of our industry–Ability to speak with someone who knows the language and terminology of what we do.


Ingram Cleaners & Laundry 

Lynn Ingram<br/>
Abilene, TX 

I like NIE’s payment plan, excellent coverage, ability to answer questions, [and] knowledge about our industry.

KC Cleaners & LaundryMike Oakes<br/> Fayette, AL 

I like being able to talk… about changes to my policy. If (my rep) is not in, I get a call almost immediately. He understands what I need.

5th Avenue CleanersJim Addison<br/> Richmond, Virginia

Price, service and knowledge of my needs! It’s unbelievable!

Willow Park CleanersPaul Davis<br/>Willow Park, TX

Unmatched access and assistance in handling claims. NIE provides the best knowledge of our industry.

Valet CleanersJim Cripe<br/>Temple, Texas

I was an insurance agent for over 20 years, but I must say you are one of the best I have ever known!

Carefree CleanersShirley Pinter<br/>Carefree, Arizona

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